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Introduction About myHR CVS Employee Login Guide: CVS Pharmacy is a familiar name for anyone who is in the USA. Since you are reading this, it is for sure that you know about this CVS Pharmacy. If you observe there are not many companies like CVS Pharmacy in the USA. This famous Health Care Company is the brainchild of Sidney Goldstein, Stanley Goldstein, and Ralph Hoagland. It is serving millions of people in the USA since 1963. With its services, people in the USA are living a peaceful and healthy life. The main motto of the CVS Pharmacy is to let people enjoy their lives without having any kind of fear of health and other things.

Myhr CVS Login : CVS MYhr Login

With the kind of services that CVS Pharmacy has, it was successful in extending through out the USA. Apart from that it also has done many acquisitions and mergers over the years making it one giant company. With those acquisitions and mergers, CVS Pharmacy has more than one branch or outlet in each and every state of USA. Currently, this CVS Pharmacy has more than 10,000 outlets and stores across the USA. Such is the magnitude of CVS Pharmacy in the USA. Also, the employee and staff of CVS Pharmacy are very huge. For them, CVS Pharmacy has started a portal Myhr CVS Portal.

What is myHR CVS Portal Actually?

We have mentioned earlier that Myhr CVS Pharmacy has more than 10,000 stores. But we forget that the employees and staff are also huge. It is one of the biggest employers in the USA. It has more than 240,000 employees and staff who are working round the clock to serve their customers. The dedication that these 240,000 staff showing towards their customers is pulling them again and again to their stores. Though all these employees and staff work according to their schedules and timings, at times they also feel to talk with the company for some information. To fill this gap, the company has started Myhr CVS Portal.

Ever since the CVS Pharmacy has started this portal, employees and staff of CVS have started to use this platform. They are using to communicate with the company especially with the HR Department. All they need to do to communicate with the HR Department is to Log into their accounts. Once they log into the portal, they can check updates about the company, information, and latest news about the company. But having any account with Myhr CVS Portal requires some login details. If you are an employee, you require Myhr CVS Username and Myhr CVS Password of your account.

Myhr CVS Login & Sign in :


How to Login CVS Health: It is very easy to Login CVS Health if you have an account with it. Furthermore, check the below steps to know how to sign in to Myhr CVS website.

Steps To Login CVS Health:

  • First of all, you have to take a device and turn on your internet or wifi connection.
  • Next, go to the Web browser and go to the CVS website Link.
  • Next, you will land on the official homepage of MyhrCVS Portal.
  • If you are a current CVS Health and MinuteClinic Colleague, you have to select the blue login button which is on the left of the website.
  • If you are a Former CVS Health and Former MinuteClinic Colleague, then you have to select the Login button which is on the right side of the page.
  • Next, you have to enter your Myhr CVS User ID.
  • Furthermore, you have to enter your Myhr CVS Password.
  • At last, you have to click on the Myhr CVS Portal Login.


New Employees: Since this Myhr CVS Portal offers a lot of benefits, you have to have one. If you are a new employee, you have to register with the Myhr CVS Portal as early as possible. If you want to register, all you need to have is your Employee ID, Social Security Number, and Date of Birth. For that, you have to go to the Myhr CVS Portal and click on the “Register as a new user” link. Follow all the instructions as the portal will ask you to do.

Ex-employees of CVS: If you are an Ex-employee of CVS Health, then you can use your MyHR CVS login details for entering your account.

Forgot Password: If you have forgotten your password, you have to select the Forgot Password which is on the Login Page of Myhr CVS Portal.

These are the different steps that you have to follow to Log into the CVS health. Make sure that you have turned off your Caps Lock before Loggin in.

Who Uses Myhr CVS Portal?

This portal Myhr CVS is only for the employees and staff of CVS Health Company. Hence people who are not working with the company cannot use this portal. Ex or Former employees also can use this portal to get their benefits. Other than that, you cannot use this portal. In case you want to contact the CVS Health, you have to try out other ways to do it.

What is CVS Health?

CVS Health is the parent company. From CVS Health, CVS Pharmacy has come up.

What is CVS MinuteClinic?

MinuteClinics are those places where you will find treatments for common illnesses like ear, eye, throat etc. You can go to these MinuteClinics at any point in time.

Benefits Of Myhr CVS Portal:

  • New and Old Employees can access their 401k plan after registration.
  • Employees can check their paychecks online.
  • CVS Employees can check their tax information.
  • Staff can learn about all the benefits such as associate discounts, transportation benefits, and access your life insurance.
  • Myhr CVS Portal also provides information regarding your health and wellness program at CVS.
  • Employees can check their medical, dental and vision coverage with the help of Myhr CVS employee portal.

CVS Health Contact Numbers: 

myhr cvs phone number
myhr cvs phone number

These are the different things that you should know about the Myhr CVS Portal before logging in. We hope that this guide has served its purpose. If you still have any query about the CVS Portal Login, you can contact us. Thanks!

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